Squish 'Em Featuring Sam

by Interphase | 1984

Squish 'Em Featuring Sam for Colecovision Box Art




Region(s): Worldwide
Rarity loose cartridge: (4)
Rarity complete in box: (5)


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Compiled ROM

MD5 Hash: 90e1b27110a1b89cb1ad3e225db20832Download  (16 KB)


He's on his way to the top of a 48 story building to collect a suitcase full of money. But the creepy Creatures are determined to knock him off the building before ho gets there. And falling objects make the climb even more difficult and dangerous. BUT SAM'S NOT LOST FOR WORDS. HE TALKS!
You score points by climbing to the top of the building, squishing Creepy Creatures or jumping over them. And SAM loves it. He shouts "SQUISKEM" when you stomp on a Creature and "MONEY, MONEY, MONEY" when you reach the suitcase. He's even a good sport. If he's knocked off the building, he just says "WHOOPS", then's he's ready to try again.


Squish 'Em Featuring Sam Label
Does not fit original cart. Made for Coleco style cart. By Stephen Cameron
Squish 'Em Featuring Sam Label
Reproduction by Stephen Cameron (Kamshaft)