So, You Want to Be a Knight?

by Collectorvision Games | 2015

So, You Want to Be a Knight? for Colecovision Box Art




Region(s): Worldwide


When you were a child, your dream was to become a knight but your fate was to be a peasant like your parents. This goal has always seemed impossible to reach. Now the only way to achieve your dream is to participate in a series of tests. The winners of the contest can access this social position.

These trials are known to be extremely difficult and failure means death. The events take place in the greatest secrecy and winners must remain confidential. Note that there are rumors saying that it takes more than winning events to become a knight.

Because of the unknown risks, most candidates are people who have nothing to lose, mad men or simple minds. Malicious tongues even say that the creator of these tests, the king, had this idea to rid the kingdom of useless people and thus solve the problem of poverty.