Operation Wolf

by Team Pixelboy | 2016

Operation Wolf for Colecovision Box Art



No Video Available.


Region(s): Worldwide

Super Game Module Required

Compiled ROM

MD5 Hash: 72638fa15a02d76aaa77f58267cc38f2Download  (32 KB)


Your main mission: Rescue the hostages!

Several important dignitaries were taken hostage during a swift and precise terrorist attack! Luckily, your government was able to track their movements and the hostages are believed to be held in a jungle compound not far from a foreign airport!

As a special-operations soldier armed to the teeth, you have been ordered by your superiors to penetrate the jungle compound, neutralize all enemy soldiers and vehicles with extreme prejudice, and rescue the hostages before they can be moved to another location. Avoid shooting hostages and other innocent civilians, and keep your ammo and health in check as you collect special weapons such as rocket bombs, dynamite and super machine guns!