Kralizec Tetris

by Team Pixelboy | 2017

Kralizec Tetris for Colecovision Box Art




Region(s): Worldwide

Compiled ROM

MD5 Hash: af6a4dca2ea53ceb7c7497090aaf9644Download  (32 KB)


Relive all the excitement of Tetris on your ColecoVision console! Maneuver the falling tetromino pieces to form full lines of blocks which are then removed from the pit. The pieces keep coming endlessly, so you must avoid making mistakes that may cause a random stack of pieces to form. Such a stack will cause the end of the game if it reaches the top of the pit! As you reach each new "shock" level, the falling speed of the blocks is altered, adding to the game's difficulty. After mastering the single player mode, challenge a friend with the two-player versus game!

This game is part of the Team Pixelboy Budget Series.