Traffic Jam

by Team Pixelboy | 2017

Traffic Jam for Colecovision Box Art




Region(s): Worldwide

Super Game Module Required

Compiled ROM

MD5 Hash: d2496d8959fac90d522558bfabbd946eDownload  (32 KB)


You're Sandy Olson, a young and beautiful traffic policewoman in charge of helping hundreds of drivers face the unavoidable traffic jam caused by summer roadworks. One of those drivers is Danny Zucku, an executive who works for a very important company. He has been your friend for some time, but now you feel you want to be something more than only his friend. So you make an extra effort to help him get to his job on time, by moving the cars and trucks around the area to clear a path for Danny's sportscar. As the days pass, the traffic jams get worse, and helping Danny becomes quite a challenging puzzle for you. If Danny cannot escape the morning traffic, he may get fired!

This game is part of the Team Pixelboy Budget Series.