Jet Ready for Colecovision Box Art



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Region(s): Worldwide


You are Dr. Egon J Kowalski Ph.D., a theoretical physicist who gets sucked into a quantum wormhole he accidentally created during one of his research experiments. He recovers consciousness only to find himself stranded in a parallel universe inhabited by these bizarre alien creatures called the Luna-ticks, roaming a weird world of twisted euclidean geometry. The Luna-ticks eventually captured him and lock him up. He manages to escape and so the game begins.

The actual objective of the game is to find a means of getting out of that world.
Reach the transporters that will take you to the next level. you can collect diamonds for extra points and a perfect score. Likewise, clearing the level before the time limit also awards you with extra points as well. You think you have what it takes to complete the 8 levels and escape?