Zoom 909

by Team Pixelboy | 2021

Zoom 909 for Colecovision Box Art



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Region(s): Worldwide

Compiled ROM

MD5 Hash: 7d32894431e823eaede2cd373a5aa7dfDownload  (32 KB)


The destiny of your planet rests on your piloting skills!

Alert! Alert! The planet is under attack! Scrambling your Zoom 909 space fighter, you rush to the most sensitive areas of your world, and defend them against the invading alien forces while managing your fuel reserves!

In each area, you must destroy as many enemy ships as you can. Survive long enough and you will move on to the next area. You will travel through dangerous trenches and space tunnels, and then attack the enemy fleet in the hyperspace zone. Your ultimate encounter will be against the massive Command Destroyer, which you must pursue and disable before it can destroy your ship!