Demon Attack and New Atlantis (Classics Reimagined Volume 1)

by 8-bit Milli Games | 2022

Colecovision Homebrew Box Art




Region(s): Worldwide


Volume 1 of our Classics Reimagined includes the 2 games, Demon Attack the Next Wave and New Atlantis a City Rebuilt. These are both new games for the ColecoVision visually based on the classic the versions of these great iMagic games for the Intellivision.

Destroy you! That's what this new wave of Space Demons aim to do. Blast’em and survive. But each demon is tougher to destroy. These strange interplanetary foes are tricky. When hit some split in two. All are replaced by even more attackers.

Can you beat The Next Wave?

With each wave the danger increases. Wave after wave of cosmic creatures attack you from above. Just when you’ve destroyed one gang of galactic monsters, another horde hits you with a whole new assault strategy.

If you can’t beat the demons from alien worlds you can always beat your own score!

The lost city of Atlantis has been rebuilt, better than ever, and now only you can save one of the greatest civilizations man has ever known. You command two defense posts and a sentinel to guard the skies from the dreaded Gorgon Fleet as it descends on Atlantis, you must destroy them – or perish!

Can you defend the submerged city of Atlantis?

The longer you last the faster they come. Some enemy ships fly slowly but steadily over Atlantis. Others streak across the sky. The Gorgons never rest, attacking day and night.

You must defeat all of these ships before they destroy everything that is Atlantis.