Space Shuttle: A Journey Into Space

by Team Pixelboy | 2022

Space Shuttle: A Journey Into Space for Colecovision Box Art




Region(s): Worldwide

Super Game Module Required


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Compiled ROM

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The next best thing to becoming an actual astronaut!

As the pilot and mission commander of mission STS-101, it's your job to successfully launch the space shuttle Discovery into a stable orbit around the Earth, to dock with a damaged satellite as many times as possible, to pilot Discovery through re-entry and to land the shuttle at Edward's Air Force Base, all the while limiting your fuel consumption as much as possible. The number of satellite dockings and your remaining amount of fuel will be used to determine your final ranking. You have full control over such things as the cargo bay doors and the landing gear, and with three different play modes of increasing simulation difficulty, you will be able to experience the realities of space travel like a real astronaut!


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